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Python is the new "it" print...if you were lucky enough to be invited to last Fashion Week, you know what I'm talking about, python leather and prints all over the place...if not (like myself LOL), you can also see it all over the blogosphere.

And so, this is why I looove fashion...there's no rules, you can do whatever you please, mix prints, fabrics and textures....see how these gorgeous ladies make an exceptional work with their python pieces.

And last but not least, if you're like me: A cruelty free person who likes to stay also have other options like faux python leather or python prints that will make you look AMAZING and no one will notice any difference. Here are my top 10 :) enjoy!!

4. Python print earrings by ASOS. (quick! they're on sale right now).
5. Lavo faux python clutch by Big Buddha.
6. Falabella faux python shoulder bag by Stella McCartney.
7. Python print wool scarf by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
8. Zealous python print platforms by Jeffrey Campbell.
9. Python box clutch by BCBG MaxAzria.

xoxo <3

images via netaporter, zappos, solestruck, topshop, loveaesthetics, followthepinkfox, google & more.



I'm still unemployed, un-schooled? haha and still friendless here in the US (which is kinda pathetic I know) I really have to find different ways to kill sister told me to go to Barnes & Noble (I'm really not the reading type) so I could read some books and probably get a coffee, just go out and clear my head a bit. Little did I know that this bookstore has a pretty cool "HEALTH & BEAUTY" section, so I dived in....and I fell in love with some books... which probably will be attached to my Christmas wish list now :)

1.Lady GaGa by Lady GaGa (all pictures by Terry Richardson).
4.The Snow Yak Show by Mark Ryden.
6.Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld.
7.Vogue: The Covers by Hamish Bowles.
9.Kate Moss by Mario Testino.


photos via Barnes&Noble



HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?! I want it so bad!! MARIA VIDEL is actually the responsible for this unique's like wearing a fairy tale, it looks so romantic but empowering at the same time, the ideal woman STRONG but subtle and feminine...oh I just love it!!

Maria Videl is a jewelry designer & also a fashion editor (Nylon México)...and her designs have been used by great underground designers like Alejandra Quesada (photos below) & Maria Vogel and also featured in magz like Nylon, Elle, Animal & more...

ohhh and she's another one of my favorite Mexican designers :)

hope you enjoy 



MARIA VOGEL.- Mexican designer on the rise. I think I've already talked about this girl, but I just think she's just great and getting well known in the fashion industry...some of her pieces have been all over Elle México, Bazaar México, Vogue México and much more. Although I was more impressed by her Spring/Summer '11 collection, her fall/winter '11 collection is a little bit more simple and raw (but actually that's what I liked about it) here are some of her ad campaign photos.

And obviously I HAVE to show you my top 10 looks right?? lol :)

Other sources have labeled this brand as a "minimal-contemporaneous-rock" style, but in my own opinion the only thing "rock" I see here are the hair styles and the leather boots, but I have to admit I'm considering getting those knee boots, I've seen some of her old shoe designs and they have really great quality...what do you think??....go ahead and check the whole collection for yourself in the video below...and if you want to follow this Mexican designer you can FACEBOOK her or follow her BLOG.

enjoy ;)

images via Maria Vogel facebook page and blog.



Back in México, we don't celebrate thanksgiving day, and yesterday I was asking a new friend,
why thanksgiving day?
who started this tradition?
why an specific day to thank?
I just really wanted to know the background of this holiday, but he just couldn't understand my questions and just answered...
"I don't know, unfortunately I can't answer all of your questions, I just know we ALL have so many things to be thankful for..."
I hope you get to enjoy this day with your loved ones.
xoxo :)



I am amazed on Shourouk's jewelry pieces....I don't know why I didn't knew about them before...

but now I know I have to own a piece :)

You know I'm all about the details, and as a first glimpse you can see these are some unique jewelry....but when you actually zoom in to see the details...oh lord I must have died and I'm in heaven!

I zoomed it in for you ;) so you can see how the stones are wrapped in silk, the scoubidou braided chain, the swarovski crystals (and lets not forget those neon stones) and what about that climbing rope as a chain....creative much?

You reall should go ahead and check the fall/winter 2011 collection at're gonna love it!!

enjoy :)

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As many of the bloggers do...I don't have a boyfriend or a BFF who can actually take pictures of my outfits, and I really really would like to share with you some can anyone give me some tips on taking pictures all by myself?? that would be pretty useful :D

Thank you for reading, cause right now, you're actually my only friends while I make some new friends here in the US.... ;)

& thxs for all the support




As you might know...I recently moved to the U.S. and I've always wanted to have an apt. on my own...though I don't (by now) I'm really inspired  by these 2 amazing bloggers I follow The Glamourai & HRH Collection and their homes, in my own opinion they have exquisite taste when it comes to interior are some examples:

Black, white, bronze, gold and maybe a touch of color every now and then, I love how all the statement pieces just get a long so well with the minimalistic furniture, It's almost sober but with a fun twist when you put it together with vintagy figurines. It is SO FEMENINE & ELEGANT. So who knows?!?, I might not have an apt. on my own right now, but I think I'll start sporadically collecting stuff for my next dream apt. right?

Also go and check out these 2 cute bloggers, cause they also have great outfits.

enjoy dolls!




***********SPOILER ALERT*************
haha ok ok, it is NOT that of a spoiler, but here are some sneak peaks of my so called halloween costume

I know it's been weeks since my last post...but as you know I was moving to another that I'm pretty much settled, I'm back!......So I'll start giving you some clues so you can guess where I moved.

1.My new city has GREAT vintage stores.

I know that there are few pictures, but as I was a little busy unpacking, I have not had time to take more, but I promise soon a large repertoire.