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I'm so happy and proud of NYLON Mexico for bringing such awesome designers as Mr. Scott.

This is what I mean by my style being eclectic, as I can be classy, edgy, or rocker, I also have my sporty mood, and what better than Jeremy Scott creations.

I love the sneakers with a high heel, how awesome is that?
You can be sporty and femenine at the same time, and oh god what about the hoodie with the panther paws and ears...soo cute! So Jeremy Scott + ADIDAS, you really made my day :)

For those who don't know, the name of the sexy blonde head is Belinda, a well known actress/singer here in Mexico, though I don't like her music nor her acting at all, I think she has developed her style pretty well, and I actually enjoy some of her outfits, I'll make a post about her style soon, in the meanwhile enjoy NYLON Mexico shoot!!


images via Nylon Mexico & google images

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