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So I've seen this trend all over the place, and as a good trend follower as I am, I can't waaait to let my nails grow so long so that I can sport the pointy nails, they just look so fierce!

 I love just looking at them in pictures, can't wait to have those claws on me...and as I was looking for some pictures to show you guys, I found these totally 50's vintagy photos, and guess what?...look at their nails :)



I know people gets scared with bright eyeshadows, at least thats what happens when I recommend some color on their eyelids...all I keep hearing is.."I don't use bright colors", 'That's so tacky" or "I don't want to look like a clown"...

The secret is to know how to apply it.
 Choose just one color and blend blend blend on the outter part of your eye, and apply more on your eyelid, this way you'll retain the color intensity, but still won't look to harsh on your face, it will just look high fashion like this ladies :) 

You can go for greens, purples, blues and even oranges
So don't you be afraid, I know you'll look gorgeous!

Do on then, I dare you! :)


I DO!!!!!

I know I have no boyfriend, nor relationship...but if I ever get proposed, this would definitely be THE engagement ring!!!

I'm all about the details, and I love those hands holding the diamond....It makes it soo symbolic.
I could watch this picture for hours...
If you wanna know who is the responsible for this...

enjoy :)



The Cat Eye Shaped Eyewear

 We've seen it on The Man-Repeller, The Glamourai, Stylescrapbook, Karla´s Closet & more (to name a few of my fav blogs), and so it seems that 50's style is here to stay for a while...

And that's why I love online shopping, you can find great desginers, great styles...and great deals!!!
Check 'em out at:

For all styles, tastes & budgets.
(for a low budget, or money saving experts, I highly recommend 80s purple & ModCloth)