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So imagine you're at home... just chillin', and then you receive a tempting last minute call to go grab lunch/dinner, but you "have nooo time" for make-up nor to pick the perfect outfit...well you know what to do:
-plain t-shirt (any color will work)
-favorite high heels
-perfect lipstick and...
a STATEMENT NECKLACE and trust me... you're ready to go!

So what? I have a thing for statement jewelry, but really, I mean you can be wearing anything fancy and it will perfectly compliment your outfit, and if you're just wearing a pair of jeans and a T, you can dress it up!! 
+ it's a very trendy accessory.

See how some of my favorite bloggers wear them...

So yeah!, go and get at least one A.S.A.P., and if you don't "have the time" or just don't want to spend on one, you can put a bunch of your favorite necklaces together and WERK'EM!!!

Any ideas?
Here you go...

 ENJOY! :)

images via topshop, net-a-porter, stylescrapbook, sea of shoes, the man repeller & more

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