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Since I was a little girl, I was always intrigued about American culture, maybe because I was born in Texas, or just maybe because I used to travel a lot, but everytime I visited the U.S. I would get to excited to be truth...the smell, the people, the lenguage...everything was just thrilling to me. Then when I grew up, I always dreamed of studying in the U.S., but the chances never showed...I want to make clear that I love "my" country (México), were I was raised and I lived almost all my life......until now!!

Yessssss!!! So here's a resume, I was searching for cosmetology schools in México, but I just couldn't find THE one you know? I started searching in Texas (that's the nearest U.S. state to the city I live in México, plus I have family there) and I found this great cosmetology school that just filled my I told my dad I really really wanted to go there, I pulled some strings and BANG!....I'm moving tomorrow!!!!!!

I'm so happy and excited, and I want you guys too follow me on my new adventure, I guess my style will be nurtured much more (so a lot of OOTD, yay!!) my lifestyle will give a 360° spin, so yeah...follow me around, I'll be glad to blog much much more for you you <3


Goodbye - Hello!

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