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I'm still unemployed, un-schooled? haha and still friendless here in the US (which is kinda pathetic I know) I really have to find different ways to kill sister told me to go to Barnes & Noble (I'm really not the reading type) so I could read some books and probably get a coffee, just go out and clear my head a bit. Little did I know that this bookstore has a pretty cool "HEALTH & BEAUTY" section, so I dived in....and I fell in love with some books... which probably will be attached to my Christmas wish list now :)

1.Lady GaGa by Lady GaGa (all pictures by Terry Richardson).
4.The Snow Yak Show by Mark Ryden.
6.Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld.
7.Vogue: The Covers by Hamish Bowles.
9.Kate Moss by Mario Testino.


photos via Barnes&Noble

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